Kirami Original


Original Woody M
Capacity 4–6 pers. / 1860 l
Weight 210 kg
Outer diameter 170 cm
Inner diameter 162 cm
Height 108 cm
Depth 95 cm

The Thermowooden Original Woody M hot tub is the most popular wooden hot tub size.

Thermo-treated pine with its warm nice brown colour gives you the original and genuine close to nature feeling in the bath. The materials have been carefully selected and the appearance has been beautifully finished.

Diverse heater models offer you good choises to build your hot tub inside terrace etc. Original Woody M hot tubs have a wide selection of different heater models available, ranging from the basic SUB heater to the really powerfull TUBE outside heater.

All heaters are equipped with a 2m chimney, heat shield and a hat.

Check out the product video:

Original Woody


Original Woody M Tube


  Tub heaters Outer materials Outer colors Inner colors
m CUBE / SUB / TUBE TW Thermowood TW
l CUBE / SUB / TUBE TW Thermowood TW
xl SUB / TUBE TW Thermowood TW


Thermowood steps 50cm

Thermowooden basic step for all hot tubs Read more »

ABS cover 170cm fully round.

ABS plastic cover for 170cm tubs with CULT, CUBE and TUBE heaters. Read more »

ABS cover 170cm tub side part.

ABS cover for 170cm tubs with SUB and SIDE heaters. Read more »

ABS cover 170cm heater side part.

ABS cover 170cm heater side part for SUB and SIDE heaters. Read more »

Thermowood curved bigger bottom step

TW curved steps, larger bottom step Read more »

Thermowood curved smaller top step

TW curved steps, smaller top step Read more »

Steps Delux Thermowood panels

Thermowooden paneled steps Read more »

Drink holder plate for Side heaters

Drink holder plate for Original Woody Side models Read more »

Drink holder thermowood for SUB / SUB LT heater fences, 11 places

Thermowood 11 places drink holder for Sub / Sub LT heater protective fence Read more »

Drink holder Cube/Macu side cover kit

Drink holder kit Thermowood for Cube tubs with Cube/Macu heater Read more »

Drink holder Tube thermowood, 6 places

Drink holder for Tube heater with thermowooden tub Read more »

Drink holder Side thermowood 9 places

Drink holder for Side heaters's protective fence Read more »

Vinyl cover for 170cm hot tub with Sub / Sub LT heaters

Vinyl cover for Woody M Sub and Easy M Sub LT hot tubs Read more »

Round top rim for wooden hot tub

Round top rim for Woody hot tubs Read more »



Kirami Oy is a family company founded in 2001 with roots in the Kikkerlä village in Sastamala Finland. Kirami hot tubs will give you the pleasure of outdoor bath all year around from cold winter evening and chilly summer night to rainy and dark fall night. We are proud of our high product quality and will offer our customers first class unforgettable bathing experiences. READ MORE »

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