The beginning

The history of Kirami dates back to 2001 when we imported our first hot tubs from Sweden. Our own production started soon after, as we noticed that there was a lot to improve in the product. First we started with a small selection of hot tubs, including two aluminium models and one spruce model with a sub heater. Our first site was an old tractor shelter where we built a small heated part for production and an office of 1 square metre.

Kuopion maatalousnäyttelu 2001.

Sales started slowly - people in Finland had not even heard of, seen or used a hot tub. People supposed that they were saunas without a roof. We had many funny moments at fairs trying to explain the product. We have always concentrated solely on the manufacturing and sales of hot tubs and related products.

Traktorilla tynnyriä kärryn kyytiin.

Growth and development

In 2006 we moved to bigger facilities and product development proceeded rapidly. Our own aluminium and spruce tubs were joined by Thermowooden hot tubs the following year. We also introduced a suitable and more powerful Tube heater. At the same time we purchased another facility for component manufacturing where we built export and management offices.

Heatable swimming pools and price war in Finland

Next we developed an above ground swimming pool made of Thermowood and a suitable firewood-powered heater for it. These were introduced in 2009. The heater has been developed further over the years and in 2013 we introduced totally new TUBE XL mark II model.

Because of the price wars in Finland in 2010, we introduced more affordable wooden hot tubs made of spruce and Thermowood. This also paved the way for our best-selling heater model CULT.

Bigger facilities, chemicals and plastic tubs

In late 2010, we made our biggest investment yet, when we purchased our current facilities. In February 2011 we moved to the new location and centralized all our offices and manufacturing on the same location. Now we have over 3000 square metrers of space to serve our customers.

Kirami hallissa valmiita tuotteita  2013

In summer 2011 we introduced a hot tub with PE plastic inside and sales really took off. Sales of wooden hot tubs have been decreasing ever since, but plastic and aluminium tubs are selling better and better. In terms of quantity the plastic models are the most sold. In Finland we introduced our own chemical sets for swimming pool and hot tub users.

New exterior materials

We were the first hot tub manufacturer to use wood plastic composite on the outside paneling. This was introduced in spring 2012 at the Helsinki fair. At the same time we also complemented our chemical sets with measurement products.

For the 2013 season we introduced our new look and also made our product family more simple. There are now three product categories that you can read about here.

The latest products are the Comfort Cozy series and Red Cedar panels that are available for the Cozy and Ultima series.


Kirami now

Työn tohinaa

The quality and good looks of our products are delivered by our skilled workforce. We have around 20 persons working at our Sastamala facility and another 10 in our own aluminium shop. On top of that we use a wide selection of local contractors. Our success is based on ongoing product development, where we try to keep our customer in mind so that our hot tubs are easy to use. We also have a wide product range and equipment available for our customers. We are constantly searching for new materials that are long lasting and recyclable.

In 2015 Kirami Oy is still the biggest hot tub manufacturer in Europe. We supply over 4300 hot tubs around Finland and Europe every year. Our turnover was 6,8m€ of which exports account for about 25%. We have a good reseller network in Finland and we are currently building up our reseller network in Europe.



Kirami Oy is a family company founded in 2001 with roots in the Kikkerlä village in Sastamala Finland. Kirami hot tubs will give you the pleasure of outdoor bath all year around from cold winter evening and chilly summer night to rainy and dark fall night. We are proud of our high product quality and will offer our customers first class unforgettable bathing experiences. READ MORE »

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