Warmer feelings.

Kirami has a suitable hot tub for everybody. The Original, Comfort and Premium product lines include plenty of different size and material choices. You can find a suitable tub all the way from an original wooden tub to a modern composite panelled plastic tub. Also check out Kirami’s sturdy Outstanding products that has products for barbecuing and outdoor decoration.

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Unique Kirami FinVision -sauna brings luxury to every day life. In winter time you can gaze at the starry sky through a big window and enjoy light during summer time.
Outstanding by Kirami - Among our Kirami-Outstanding range you will find the unique Corten-steel grilles and garden products designed for use all year round. Read more!
The most common accessories are covers and drink holders. Kirami's original accessories make your bathing moments even more atmospheric.
Terveo imports Finnish culture and hot tubs to France | Kirami
Terveo imports Finnish culture and hot tubs to France | Kirami
Terveo introduces Kirami hot tubs, or Nordic baths and Finnish wellbeing to the French. The owners have a strong connection to Finland. Read more!
Almost Heaven Saunas introduces Kirami hot tubs to the US market. Read more about the sauna and bathing culture in North America!
Do you have any questions about hot tubs? We have collected answers to frequently asked questions on our website. Read more and download our FAQ brochure!
We think it is important to make sure that the process of buying a hot tub runs smoothly. That is why we have developed an aid for selecting the best tub for you and made it easy to do business with our resellers by making downloadable product cards available on our website.
Kirami provides its customers with high-quality wood-heated tubs and a wide array of different kinds of supplies and accessories. More than 10,000 tubs made by Kirami are sold annually all over Europe, and their popularity is growing constantly. Kirami is the largest hot tub supplier in the world.
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New! Build the hot tub according to your own preferences and see how it fits into your backyard. Try the Kirami hot tub designer app, take the survey and get a chance to win prizes!