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An internal submerged heater made out of marine aluminium is an ideal choice for hot tub heating.All Kirami hot tub heaters are manufactured in our own production facility out of high-quality AlMg3 marine aluminium, which boasts excellent thermal conductivity. Each and every one of our hot tub heaters is pressure tested before going on sale.

A simple and traditional internal heater placed inside the hot tub. Since the heater is made out of marine aluminium, it also tolerates seawater and does not need to be rinsed with fresh water after use. The SUB LT has a slightly lower power output than the SUB heater. The heater has a metallic silver finish and a stylish wooden fire box door handle. 120mm chimney is suitable for this heater.
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Technical information: - "Little brother" of our SUB heater - Power 20kW - Chimney connection Ø120mm - Cover with basic knob Use: The heater's fire box must be completely submerged during use, with at least 35 cm of water on top of it. The minimum water level is marked on the heater with a __MIN__ marking. Do not empty the hot tub before the fire in the heater has completely died out and the embers have cooled. In order to reach the specified power output, make sure to maintain a fair-sized fire in the fire box. Empty the heater of ashes after every use. Doing so increases the operating life of the grates. Be sure to read the manual thoroughly before using the heater.

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