Unique sauna experience with infrared radiators 

Infrared waves warm the body from the inside and help in the deep relaxation of muscles. Choose infrared radiators for your Kirami FinVision® -sauna Nordic misty and enjoy a unique sauna experience.  

Kirami FinVision® Nordic misty –infrared

Kirami FinVision® -sauna Nordic misty has the option of installing 4 infrared radiators on the rear wall. It is not possible to install the infrared add-on afterwards, so the add-on must be ordered when ordering the sauna.

A sauna equipped with infrared radiators offers an even more versatile sauna experience.

When you choose the infrared add-on for your sauna, the profile of the panel on the rear wall of the sauna is different and the LED lighting has been moved from the backrest to the back of the upper bench, as there is no separate backrest in the infrared sauna. The second strip light is located in the same place at the front edge of the lower bench in both options.

Comfort and safety

The infrared heaters are placed under an even surface in the whole area of the sauna's rear wall, behind a custom profiled panel board. At the position of the heaters, the panel has grids to allow radiation and light to pass through. There is a safety distance of 20 mm between the heater and the grid, which allows you to lean on the panel during use without the surface of the panel getting too hot. The heaters are designed to be as discrete as possible when not in use. The grid on the rear wall can be removed at the point where the infrared heaters are located, if necessary.

Control panels and use of heaters in infrared sauna

The sauna has its own control panel for the Virta Combi heater and steamer, which controls the heater functions, and a separate control panel for the infrared heaters. The control panels are identical in appearance and are installed side by side on the wall next to the door.

In the hybrid model, both a combi heater and an infrared radiator are installed in the sauna room. The infrared radiator is recommended for use at temperatures below 70°C. For safety reasons, the radiator's power is switched off temporarily when the temperature in the sauna room rises high enough.

All three types of heating (infrared, electric heating and steam) can be used together or separately. The power of the infrared alone is not enough to heat the sauna room in winter. In this case, it is a good idea to first raise the temperature to the preferred level with an electric heater (below +70 degrees) and then switch on the infrared heaters.

Lighting of the infrared sauna

In the infrared sauna, the sauna's LED strip light is installed behind the upper bench. The light points upwards from the upper bench. The lights are controlled via the heater's control panel. The second strip light can be found at the front edge of the lower bench, pointing downwards.

Product code
Kirami FinVision Nordic misty –infrared
Kirami FinVision Nordic misty –infrared
Kirami FinVision Nordic misty –infrared
Kirami FinVision Nordic misty –infrared
Kirami FinVision Nordic misty –infrared
Kirami FinVision Nordic misty –infrared
Kirami FinVision Nordic misty –infrared
Kirami FinVision Nordic misty –infrared



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