Antti Eskola

Antti Eskola | Kirami staff presentation


A seller with a glint of humour in his eye


Antti Eskola started working for Kirami for the first time in 2007 via a company providing temporary personnel. At that time, he did a summer job where he made wooden tubs. The next summer he came back for another summer job in our company. Through his education, Antti ended up working in sales in 2011. He has been using his skills to manage the sales in Northern and Southern Finland ever since.
The duties of our skilled and well-liked seller include making sales and related tasks, such as supporting retailers in Finland, campaign planning and all-inclusive customer service. Antti’s work week usually starts at the factory with e-mails, phone calls, making offers and registering orders. The rest of the week, especially during the busiest season, consists of travel days, presentation days with customers and maintaining customer relationships.
Good things about Antti’s work include working with people, interaction and meeting new people. In Antti’s opinion, the work being seasonal works well; sometimes you are in a rush and push on hard, and at other times you can take a breather when there is less to do. Antti thinks that the work atmosphere at Kirami is great. People use a lot of humour, and everyone is committed to making an effort.
Antti exercises in his free time by going to the gym and playing badminton. In the winter, he swims outdoors and travels when he gets the chance.