Invoicing and Delivery Manager

Invoicing and Delivery Manager |  Kirami staff presentation


Ritva praises the work community: “It’s so nice to come to work here”  


Ritva Välläri came to do practical training at Kirami in the spring of 2014. She was participating in a job seeking course in the Tampere Adult Education Centre at the time, and she was looking for a work experience placement. She happened to drive past the Kirami factory around that time, and took note of the company name and contacted us. After the training, she has done a few fixed-term contracts at Kirami, and today Ritva is one of our permanent employees.

Ritva’s duties include invoicing the domestic shipments, entering the orders into the system, monitoring the online store, managing the orders and answering information messages and phone calls. In addition, she also draws up reports for the accounting firm and manages salary and occupational health issues. To sum up, she has expertise in every kind of office task possible.

This is the ordinary workday of the multiply skilled employee: in the morning, Ritva goes through the online store, the order messages and her own e-mail first.  During the day, she enters the orders into the system and draws up the paperwork for shipments. Ritva finishes her day by invoicing the shipments.

Ritva describes her own work as variable and pleasant. She thinks that the work community is amazing; Ritva wonders what words she could use to heap enough deserved praise over her colleagues and the atmosphere. She says that the spirit at the workplace is excellent, relaxed and lovely, and that it’s great to come to work every morning.

In her free time, she is actively involved in the hobby of her daughter, who competes in biathlon and cross-country skiing; it involves a lot of driving, especially in the winter. There are often competitions in the weekends, and there is training every day. Summers are a bit more peaceful, and then Ritva enjoys travelling in Finland, among other things. Her other hobbies include walking the dog and reading.