Kirami hot tubs featured in Sauna Heating World Championships

Kirami hot tubs featured in Sauna Heating World Championships

Photo:  Jussi Rekonen | Ext Ventures Oy

Kirami hot tubs heated at the Sauna Heating World Championships

The fourth Sauna Heating World Championships will be held in Peurunka, Finland, on 6 July 2019. The aim of the competition is to heat a sauna tent as quickly as possible. Kirami hot tubs will be displayed at SaunaPark, an exclusive area featured in this year’s event.

The idea of Sauna Heating World Championships was conceived four years ago.

“The Central Finland Chamber of Commerce Tourism Board came up with an idea to declare Central Finland a sauna province. The Sauna Region Week originated from this idea, and the Sauna Heating World Championships is one of the events held during the week,” says event producer Jussi Rekonen.

However, the sauna heated at the Sauna Heating World Championships is not an ordinary sauna.

“The competition challenge is to heat a Savotta tent sauna +50 °C hotter than the initially prevalent temperature. Therefore, if the initially prevalent temperature is +25 °C, the end temperature in the sauna must be +75 °C. In the finals, the team is also required to pitch the sauna tent before heating, so the challenge is slightly harder still.”

The Harvia stoves are lit using traditional methods.

“The organisers provide firewood and matches. No other lighting equipment is allowed. The all-time quickest heating time is 16 minutes.”


Hot tubs can be tested at the event

Kirami is exclusively featured at the event.

“The event features a showcase area called SaunaPark. There is a separate entrance fee to enter the area. At SaunaPark, visitors get to try out different saunas and bathe in Kirami hot tubs.”

Hot tubs could also become a basis for a new event for the World Championships.

“Heating a hot tub is an endurance sport, but it could also be a new event alongside sauna heating. That would be a fun addition to the event,” Mr Rekonen says.

Hot tubs can be tested at the event | Kirami
Hot tubs can be tested at the event | Kirami


Competitors from as far as Japan

This year, 21 teams have signed up for the games.

“There are competitors coming from as far as Japan. The maximum number of teams is 28, so there are still a few places available.”

The three best teams will be rewarded with good prizes.

“The winners will receive a Savotta sauna tent and a Harvia stove. The prizes for the second and third teams will also be nice,” says Mr Rekonen.

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The following hot tub models will be displayed at the event:

Laitoin itseni likoon | Kirami
Laitoin itseni likoon | Kirami


- Comfort Family L CUBE EP Mocca, StoneGray

- Comfort Steady M MACU EP NightBlack, CasualGray

- Original Breezy M CULT-si ST CoalBlack, PolarBlue

- Comfort Family M CULT-si Thermowood, SoftBeige

- Comfort Cozy M MACU RedCedar, Graphite