Miro Männistö

Miro Männistö | Kirami staff presentation


The right hand of export and personnel


Miro Männistö, ended up working at Kirami for the first time through practical training while studying at the Huittinen Business and Vocational College. After the training, he also did a summer job in our company. Miro convinced us by working hard and conscientiously, and today he is one of our trusted permanent employees.

Miro’s duties mainly include managing exports, making orders for retailers, image processing and using his IT expertise. Miro’s main export countries are Sweden, Austria and the British Isles. He is in constant contact with the retailers in these countries by e-mail and telephone. Roughly once a year, retailers visit the factory in person.

During all the time Miro has worked at Kirami, there have not been two days alike. During the workday, Miro receives and sends orders, draws up waybills, and makes sure that all products leave and that the customers get the products they have ordered. If there is any time left, Miro also squeezes in image processing, photography and taking care of web issues in his day.

In his job, Miro likes the varying duties. He likes it that the job does not involve doing only one thing all the time.  Miro describes the workplace community as close and youthful. Everyone has energy to work, and they are interested and have the right attitude. Miro works with several different colleagues every day, and during the day, many people come to ask him for help in solving problems.