A salesman with a sense of humour

Antti Eskola | Kirami staff presentation



Antti Eskola lives in Pirkkala, but is originally from Keikyä, the same neighbourhood where Kirami was founded. He describes himself as an extremely relaxed, calm and nice guy.

Antti joined Kirami for the first time through a recruitment agency in 2007. At that time, he was a summer worker making wooden hot tubs. The following summer he returned to our company again for a summer job. After finishing his business studies, Antti came back in 2011 and began to work as a salesman.  

He works as a regional sales representative in a wide area of Finland: in Eastern and Northern Finland, Central and Northern Ostrobothnia and partly in Central Finland. "What could be better than enjoying Finnish forest landscapes and meeting people from all over Finland while travelling to clients?", Antti smiles.

As an experienced and well-liked salesperson he is responsible for sales and related tasks such as supporting resellers in Finland, campaign planning and all-round customer service. Antti speaks not only Finnish but also English fluently. "When I started working at Kirami more than 10 years ago, my job description included much more than sales. I also did packaging and shipping work. As the business has grown, my work has become more focused on sales and other customer service work," Antti explains. 

A typical working day includes basic customer service work via email and telephone. In addition, customer contact, preparation of offers, processing of orders, product training and other tasks related to the representative's work are part of the daily routine. The rest of the week, especially during the hottest season, consists of travel days, presentation days with customers and maintaining customer relations.

Antti enjoys his job because he likes dealing with people, interacting and meeting new people. Antti likes the seasonal nature of his work. Sometimes you are busy and sometimes you can take a breath when it's quieter. In Anttis opinion, the working atmosphere at Kirami is great. There is plenty of humour and everyone has a good sense of purpose.

"Kirami's staff consists of colourful personalities who are a pleasure to work with. It's nice to see that many friends and acquaintances from my youth have started working at the factory in the village of Keikyä," says Antti, whose hobbies include gym, badminton and console gaming. He also enjoys hiking during summer holidays and tour skating in winter.

So, is there also a sauna and/or a hot tub at Antti's home? "Unfortunately, my living arrangements do not allow to have an own hot tub or a sauna. However, I can say that every single bathtime is a pleasure, which gives me a good feeling for many days ahead in my everyday life," Antti says.