The new Sauna Factory was established to meet the great demand for FinVision saunas


The world’s largest hot tub manufacturer, Kirami Oy from Finland, already exports more than 40% of its hot tubs. The Kirami FinVision sauna, which is sold especially to Germany, has become a new export success story. Kirami’s new branch office, the Sauna Factory, was established to ensure that the great demand could be met. This year, Kirami will celebrate its 20th anniversary with an especially positive export outlook.


Managing Director Mika Rantanen | Kirami Sauna Factory 
Managing Director Mika Rantanen

At the factory of the hot tub manufacturer Kirami in Sastamala, the production has been operating at full speed since last spring. The demand for hot tubs and the FinVision modular sauna has been so high that the capacity of the former production facilities and subcontractors was no longer enough. In November 2020, Kirami opened the Sauna Factory that focuses on manufacturing the FinVision sauna as well as two hot tubs that are in high demand, the Premium Grandy XL minipool as well as the Original Tiny hot tub. The other products are still produced in the old facilities.

The FinVision sauna was launched a year ago, and most of its manufacturing was done outside the company. The sauna has become a hit especially in Central Europe and the British Isles.

“The demand for the sauna is so high that we added 500 square metres to our production facilities by buying hall space close to our own factory. Our subcontractor makes the parts and does their surface treatments, and we take care of everything else at the Sauna Factory. We can send a new FinVision sauna out into the world from the Sauna Factory every three days, which shortens our delivery times,” Kirami’s Managing Director Mika Rantanen says. 

Kirami’s existing employees are currently working in the Sauna Factory, but the recruitment of new professionals will start in the spring. The branch factory will employ 5–6 people. The value of the investment is approximately EUR 150,000.

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