Hot tub

The barbecue duty calls.  Son’s mouth waters as he follows the father's grilling while they go through the day’s training, a postgame session 😊.
Sometimes, the customer needs help with yard design and choosing a place for a hot tub. This is where a yard designer comes in handy. Read more on our blog!
Hot tubs can also be used in the winter. There is no minimum temperature limit for using a hot tub. Heating up a modern hot tub equipped with an external heater is no more difficult in the winter than it is in the summer.
Kirami has actively increased its export efforts in recent years. We are constantly looking for new resellers. Read more about hot tub export and our resellers!
Finnish summer traditions include silly competitions, going to the sauna and bathing. Read our blog to learn more about the crazy things that Finns get up to during the summer.
The Chill hot tub is a high-quality and affordable option for small families or yards with limited space. Learn more about the product on our blog.
Kirami hot tubs presented in Sauna Heating World Championships in Peurunka on 6 July. Visit us and try out our hot tubs at the Sauna Fair.
Check out tips for placing your tub in the garden or learn more about our fantastic range of accessories that will make your tub look beautiful and dot the i’s of your bath time.
A proper foundation ensures the safe and effortless use of the hot tub. Read more about what to consider when designing the foundation.
Improve your hot tub experience with bathing accessories, or give them to hot tub enthusiasts as gifts. Read our best tips for customising and adding comfort to your tub.