Stories from dealers

Tinozze Finlandesi sells Kirami hot tubs and renamed them as Finnish wash tubs for Italian customers. Read more on how passion for wellness lead to hot tubs.
Kirami is celebrating its 20-year legacy this year. Read about our best memories with hot tubs, customers and colleagues along the years.
Eric Wennerholm has a long history in selling hot tubs in Sweden. Now he recounts the past 20 years and tells us how he started as a Kirami retailer. Since 2020, he has worked as the CEO of Kirami AB, the Swedish sister company of Kirami Oy.
As per clients’ request, Vingberg Polska added tubs with carefree plastic interiors to their selection. Read more about the Polish reseller with a Scandinavian heart.
After their house and sawmill were destroyed in a fire on New Year’s Eve, the family-run holzimgarten decided to try something completely new. They started selling Finnish hot tubs. Read the blog to learn what owner Günther Heizmann appreciates about Kirami.
ReGo offers landscaping, gardening and road construction services in the Brandenburg area. They also sell Kirami hot tubs and saunas. Read more about ReGo!
An interest in saunas sparked the starting of a company that sells sauna supplies and Kirami hot tubs in Japan. Read more on what is behind Mizu Japan!
We are from Meppen, located in the beautiful Emsland district in North-West Germany. Our love for hot tubs is based on reliable professional collaboration with KIRAMI! Read more!
Agentur Jörg Schmieder trusts in high-quality Nordic products. Word about Kirami’s hot tubs gets around fast with the help of satisfied customers and hot tub rentals. Read more!
The Log Company is a Kirami retailer in the UK. We asked Mark Smith, one of the owners, to tell us more about the company.