Stories from dealers

ReGo offers landscaping, gardening and road construction services in the Brandenburg area. They also sell Kirami hot tubs and saunas. Read more about ReGo!
An interest in saunas sparked the starting of a company that sells sauna supplies and Kirami hot tubs in Japan. Read more on what is behind Mizu Japan!
We are from Meppen, located in the beautiful Emsland district in North-West Germany. Our love for hot tubs is based on reliable professional collaboration with KIRAMI! Read more!
Agentur Jörg Schmieder trusts in high-quality Nordic products. Word about Kirami’s hot tubs gets around fast with the help of satisfied customers and hot tub rentals. Read more!
The Log Company is a Kirami retailer in the UK. We asked Mark Smith, one of the owners, to tell us more about the company.
Kirami’s reseller Elitnye Kaminy is based in St. Petersburg, and their selection includes hot tubs, fireplaces, sauna heaters and chimneys. Elitnye Kaminy’s primary market area is Russia’s Northwestern Federal District, but the company sells hot tubs in the entire federation.
We proudly announce our collaboration with Leroy Merlin France. With this partnership the wood heated hot tubs will be a new enjoyment easily accessible for French people!
Hot tubs by public request Timapuu has been selling Kirami products for 5 years now. Hot tubs were added to the company’s range of products at the request of its customers.
A retailer in Austria - Adventure Spa is a company in the Austrian state of Salzburg that offers hot tubs for gardens and terraces, saunas, shelters and summer houses. The company started out in 2011 as a retailer of Kirami’s hot tubs. “We wanted to import typically Finnish hot tubs and offer all Austrians the opportunity to experience how wonderful it is to bathe in a hot tub. Kirami didn’t have a retailer here at the time, so we thought it was an excellent opportunity. The quality and finishing of Kirami’s products stood out favourably compared to all other hot tub brands,” says Thomas Werner from Adventure Spa.
The story of Badbaljan began by chance more than anything. In 1999, we found ourselves relaxing in an outdoor hot tub during a holiday trip to the Arctic. At the time we happened to be looking for products that we could sell in the winter. We found that moment in the hot tub very enjoyable, and once we started coming up with ways of making the experience even better, the decision to start selling and renting hot tubs followed soon after. We wanted to sell long-lasting hot tubs that would also be hygienic and easy to maintain.