Kirami is celebrating its 20-year legacy this year. Read about our best memories with hot tubs, customers and colleagues along the years.
Kirami’s saunas are designed and built in Finland from start to finish. Read more on the blog about sauna designer and carpenter Mika Pitkänen’s work.
At Kirami, employees can advance within the company. Read on the blog how our employee Niko moved from manufacturing hot tubs to marketing.
Eric Wennerholm has a long history in selling hot tubs in Sweden. Now he recounts the past 20 years and tells us how he started as a Kirami retailer. Since 2020, he has worked as the CEO of Kirami AB, the Swedish sister company of Kirami Oy.
Hot tub manufacturer Kirami has boldly hired people of different ages. Read the blog to find out what Pirjo and Matti think of their job and what they bring to the work community.
French export and a positive example. Julien Chaigneau daily duties are: the writing of the brochure, marketing, overviewing contracts, customer service, and support to the retailers.
Taina’s many duties include export sales and other related tasks, as well as planning and implementing export marketing measures. Taina does not see many ordinary days. Her day always starts with reading the e-mail, after which she takes care of issues in their order of urgency. After this, she sees what the day will bring. Usually it involves processing orders and monitoring them in production, and planning and organising transport. She is also in contact with the customers concerning the above issues.
Miro’s duties mainly include managing exports, making orders for retailers, image processing and using his IT expertise. Miro’s main export countries are Sweden, Austria and the British Isles. He is in constant contact with the retailers in these countries by e-mail and telephone. Roughly once a year, retailers visit the factory in person.
Antti Eskola started working for Kirami for the first time in 2007 via a company providing temporary personnel. At that time, he did a summer job where he made wooden tubs. The next summer he came back for another summer job in our company. Through his education, Antti ended up working in sales in 2011. He has been using his skills to manage the sales in Northern and Southern Finland ever since.
Arja Saarikoski is linguistically talented – she knows Finnish, Russian, German, Swedish and English. Arja’s duties include everything related to exports.