Kirami product catalogue 2019

Kirami takes bathing pleasure to the next level

In 2019, we will present several new products that add to the bathing experience. Now you can order a Kirami FinVision -sauna from Kirami on top of high quality hot tubs. The compact sauna building bring small luxury to everyday life, the glass wall crowns the sauna. The Outstanding by Kirami product family — edgy and sturdy, comprising various products for barbecuing and garden decor. User-friendly design is a feature of each product in the Outstanding range.

Каталог Кирами 2019. Поднимитесь на следующий уровень наслаждения купанием в купели. В 2019 году предоставим новинки увеличивающие наслаждение купелью. Ознакомьтесь с каталогом!

Enjoy browsing our new product catalogue!


Kirami product cataloque 2019 | Kirami
Kirami product cataloque 2019 | Kirami