Now you can order a sauna from Kirami on top of high-quality hot tubs. The compact FinVision -sauna is delivered to customers as in a ready module. Read more!
Kirami has been the only active Finnish hot tub producer creating the new EU-wide standard that concerns safety requirements and testing methods for domestic hot tubs.
The most versatile speaker on the market, WaterBass, which is easy to take on trips, to the beach, the pool, the hot tub and the sauna or wherever you want!


We thank all our customers, business partners and employees for the past year and wish you a happy new year 2019!

Kirami Oy

According to the Puustinen family, the best time to bathe is in the winter while it is snowing, and so they also heat up the hot tub during Christmas. Read more and see the photos full of atmosphere!