As per clients’ request, Vingberg Polska added tubs with carefree plastic interiors to their selection. Read more about the Polish reseller with a Scandinavian heart.
Water exercise is gentle on the joints and relaxes the body. You can also do a water workout in the hot tub in your own yard at home. Watch the video with a hot tub workout designed by a physiotherapist.
Survivalist Valerjan Romanovski studies the limits and potentials of the human body. He has the support of Vingberg Polska, a reseller of Kirami hot tubs. Read more!
Riitta Okkonen and her husband Jukka own a holiday cottage in Austria, where they have had a Kirami hot tub for years. The couple spend their summers at home in Finland, where they have built a wonderful holiday home from the farm previously owned by Riitta’s parents, surrounded by idyllic scenery. Read on to find out why the holiday farm also had to have a hot tub...
You do not need to stay indoors in the autumn; instead, you can enjoy nature, the company of the people close to you, sauna and the heat of the tub.