Tinozze Finlandesi sells Kirami hot tubs and renamed them as Finnish wash tubs for Italian customers. Read more on how passion for wellness lead to hot tubs.
Hot tubs can also be used in the winter. There is no minimum temperature limit for using a hot tub. Heating up a modern hot tub equipped with an external heater is no more difficult in the winter than it is in the summer.
Kirami’s customers bought a hot tub to replace their cancelled honeymoon. The idea rich couple also decided to make a different kind of gingerbread house. Take a look at the gingerbread hot tub!
Water exercise is gentle on the joints and relaxes the body. You can also do a water workout in the hot tub in your own yard at home. Watch the video with a hot tub workout designed by a physiotherapist.
As per clients’ request, Vingberg Polska added tubs with carefree plastic interiors to their selection. Read more about the Polish reseller with a Scandinavian heart.