Inventor Janne Käpylehto sailed from Helsinki to Tallinn in a Kirami hot tub. Ville Haapasalo was along on the journey. Read how the hot tub survived the journey.
Kirami’s new spring/summer hot tub models were shot in summery conditions in Rymättylä on 16 June 2019. Along with Kirami’s own products, several companies sponsored the shoot with their top products or services. Read more!
Kirami hot tubs presented in Sauna Heating World Championships in Peurunka on 6 July. Visit us and try out our hot tubs at the Sauna Fair.
Midsummer is a festival of light and summer that people in the Nordic countries celebrate by bathing in a hot tub or sauna and enjoying nature. Find out more about Midsummer traditions below.
The modern FinVision sauna is an ambassador of Finnish sauna culture abroad. Read more about the common misconceptions about saunas around the world.