The sauna is an integral part of Finnish culture. Find out how sauna habits have evolved and why taking a sauna together is a source of hope in times of crisis.
AdventureSPA has steadily grown since the company started as a Kirami hot tub retailer in 2011. Let’s take a look at how they are doing today!

Zone Espace Naturel brings Finnish zen and well-being to the French region of Grand Est

Z.E.N., Zone Espace Naturel, is located in Hambach in the Lorraine district of the Grand Est region, and more specifically in the district of Sarreguemines. Above all, the company sells Kirami Finnish tubs and saunas.

Zone Espace Naturel’s owner is Eric Gross, a proficient entrepreneur.

Bernhard Selig from near Bamberg loves sauna & wellness. Read on the blog how he discovered Kirami and turned his passion into his profession with Franken SPA.

Emil Sjölund lives in Turku, where he works at Kirami's new export office. "I have known the Rantanen family for a long time. Because of the busy summer, they asked me to come to the factory to make hot tubs, where I have spent many weekends since then. It was a nice job and I still go to the factory if they need extra manpower," explains Emil.