To mark its 20th anniversary, Kirami is launching a sauna and hot tub package. The company will invest in both saunas and hot tubs in the future. Read more.
Kirami’s saunas are designed and built in Finland from start to finish. Read more on the blog about sauna designer and carpenter Mika Pitkänen’s work.
Janne Käpylehto has made already 60 ice carousels. Now he did it again: on the Finnish lake Lappajärvi, he made the world's largest ice carousel rotate. A Kirami hot tub was there on place. Read on the blog about the challenges during the project and how the world record was nevertheless achieved.
At Kirami, employees can advance within the company. Read on the blog how our employee Niko moved from manufacturing hot tubs to marketing.
Valerjan Romanovski used cold and hot tubs to get through his 50-day experiment in Lapland. Read more about the Polish scientist and his research!