You do not need to stay indoors in the autumn; instead, you can enjoy nature, the company of the people close to you, sauna and the heat of the tub.
The four-legged friends of the family can also enjoy the hot tub. See Onni the water-loving dog make a spectacular dive into Kirami’s hot tub.
After a hard day of hiking in a forest a forager can enjoy a relaxing bath in a hot tub while nursing sore limbs and reminisce on handsome spoils of the day.
After their house and sawmill were destroyed in a fire on New Year’s Eve, the family-run holzimgarten decided to try something completely new. They started selling Finnish hot tubs. Read the blog to learn what owner Günther Heizmann appreciates about Kirami.
The barbecue duty calls.  Son’s mouth waters as he follows the father's grilling while they go through the day’s training, a postgame session 😊.