Kirami FinVision -lounge Nordic misty

The Kirami FinVision lounge for our Nordic misty sauna is a complete, separate module with finished walls. The sauna and lounge modules fit together seamlessly. The surfaces of the lounge and sauna are made of the same materials: The exterior cladding is made of spruce panels and the interior surfaces of heat-treated hardwood. The lounge module has two door openings when attached to a sauna. One of them is equipped with an exterior door that provides access to the outside. The existing door in the sauna building serves as a door between the sauna and the lounge, so that no further door is required in the lounge module.

Optionally, a finished FinVision terrace module can be installed between the sauna and the lounge - or several of them. It is also possible to set up the lounge as a completely separate building. If the lounge is to be used as an independent building (not connected to the sauna), then the building only has one outer door.

The lounge can be ordered when purchasing the sauna or separately at a later date. It has the same large window and glass door as the Nordic misty sauna. The large glass surfaces let in a lot of light. The smoky grey glass door with a black wooden frame creates an atmospheric ambience and a feeling of space in the lounge, and it is the same size as the door to the sauna room. All the glass surfaces in the FinVision sauna and in the lounge are the same shade.

The FinVision lounge opens up a wide range of possibilities for the design of your garden. Let your imagination run wild!

Dimensions of the lounge:

  • Width: 2250 mm
  • Depth: 2300 mm
  • Height: 2550 mm

As a standard the door is on the right side of the lounge and it opens up right-handed.

We recommend to check the handedness of the doors of the sauna as well as the lounge under the "Instructions for use" tab. By default, the sauna door is always right-handed (figure A) and in combination with the lounge, the door between the sauna and the lounge is always left-handed to maximise the use of the lounge space (figure A1). The external door to the lounge is right-handed as standard (figure A1). The mirror image options for the sauna and lounge doors are shown (figure B) below.

If you order the lounge at the same time as the sauna

If the sauna and lounge are ordered at the same time, it is possible to change the opening direction of the sauna door as a mirror image. With the right-sided sauna, the door normally opens on the right. If the sauna is combined with a lounge, the opening direction of the door is changed to left-opening.

If you order the lounge afterwards

When ordering a lounge, it is important to know what the opening direction of the sauna door is and how the opening direction can be changed by the customer when the lounge is attached to the sauna. Wider cover plates are supplied with the lounge. The existing cover plates of the sauna are removed and replaced with the new cover plates supplied with the lounge (see instructions for replacing the cover plates). The customer can change the opening direction of the sauna door if they wish. A connecting sheet is supplied to connect the sauna building to the lounge (see instructions for fitting the connecting sheet).

The lounge connected to a sauna

The roof of the sauna is the same as that of the Nordic misty sauna, so the two can be easily connected. The lounge is placed directly attached to the sauna and connected at the transport supports. Wider cover plates are attached to the door between the sauna and the lounge to cover the transition between the buildings. The roof is connected at the intermediate walls with a wider U-profile sheet.

The handedness form for the buildings can be downloaded from Kiram's website and attached to the order.

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Kirami FinVision -lounge Nordic misty, Standard 2 ovea
Kirami FinVision -lounge Nordic misty, Standard 2 ovea



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