Customer's story

Survivalist Valerjan Romanovski studies the limits and potentials of the human body. He has the support of Vingberg Polska, a reseller of Kirami hot tubs. Read more!
Water exercise is gentle on the joints and relaxes the body. You can also do a water workout in the hot tub in your own yard at home. Watch the video with a hot tub workout designed by a physiotherapist.
Kirami’s customers bought a hot tub to replace their cancelled honeymoon. The idea rich couple also decided to make a different kind of gingerbread house. Take a look at the gingerbread hot tub!
Riitta Okkonen and her husband Jukka own a holiday cottage in Austria, where they have had a Kirami hot tub for years. The couple spend their summers at home in Finland, where they have built a wonderful holiday home from the farm previously owned by Riitta’s parents, surrounded by idyllic scenery. Read on to find out why the holiday farm also had to have a hot tub...
The four-legged friends of the family can also enjoy the hot tub. See Onni the water-loving dog make a spectacular dive into Kirami’s hot tub.
The barbecue duty calls.  Son’s mouth waters as he follows the father's grilling while they go through the day’s training, a postgame session 😊.
It’s not the time to think about household chores but instead, a dip in the hot tub is more preferable. Mother’s relaxing moment is noticed by the children and they decide to surprise her.
René Schwarz is half Finnish and bilingual. He writes a blog about Finland in German, In this Kirami blog post, he talks about seeing an opportunity in the global pandemic.
Dear wife, come to the bath with me!
Kirami wishes good and relaxing summer to everyone!