Taina Hujo-Oittinen


Export expert and mother of two little princesses


Taina Hujo-Oittinen, came to work at Kirami by boldly calling to ask for work, and as a result, she came to visit the factory and got the job. This happened a little over ten years ago.
Taina’s many duties include export sales and other related tasks, as well as planning and implementing export marketing measures. Taina does not see many ordinary days. Her day always starts with reading the e-mail, after which she takes care of issues in their order of urgency. After this, she sees what the day will bring. Usually it involves processing orders and monitoring them in production, and planning and organising transport. She is also in contact with the customers concerning the above issues.
For Taina, every day being different is something that she likes about in her work. She also mentions all the nice customers and colleagues as a factor in liking the job. In Taina’s opinion, Kirami’s work community is relaxed and fun.
As the mother of two little princesses, Taina does not have much time for hobbies, but she likes to go to aerobics class and do crafts: sewing, crochet and other hobby crafts.